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Cutting-Edge Renderings: A New Marketing Tool


BEFORE Take a look at the photo on the left. This 139-foot-long oceanfront lot in La Jolla, listed at $4,999,999, languished on the market for six months with virtually no activity. Now look at the photo below it – the truth is, it’s not a photo! It’s an advanced 3D rendering created by entrepreneur Christopher Flynn of Power and Designs. When Realtor Terry Sheldon of T.L. Sheldon & Associates placed an ad in Dream Homes magazine last December that featured both shots, he got four offers in three days. On the fourth day, a buyer put $250,000 down and the lot sold. The seller, David Kahn, was extremely pleased with the results. “I highly recommend these services,” Kahn says.

Flynn, who cheerfully describes himself as a “tech nerd,” took the permit-ready plans to build a 7,000 +/- square-foot home and the same technology used in blockbuster Hollywood movies to create the photo-realistic rendering.

“We use advanced techniques to create some of the highest-quality renderings in the industry,” Flynn says. “We also use the latest technology to return a finished product often in a fraction of the time needed to create a traditional hand illustration.”

Another benefit to having a project digitally constructed is the added control over the final design given to clients, according to Flynn. If a last-minute change is requested, such as color or camera placement, the company is able to address these requests in 3D space on the computer and often within a few days, saving clients the cost of having an illustrator redraw the entire project. “These are just a few of the ways Power and Designs is able to offer the highest-quality images at such low costs,” Flynn says.

Power and Designs serves both residential and commercial real estate clients and is also active in creating interior and exterior design renderings. In addition, the company offers 3D simulations and animations, such as the “photo” below, and an easy-to-navigate interactive media presentation that allows clients to highlight features and amenities of a project in the works.

AFTER The company also specializes in aerial photography. “With the ability to use sophisticated satellite imaging devices, we can pinpoint and scan almost any location on the globe and process a project’s aerial photo without scheduling flight times,” Flynn says. “This allows us to deliver site photos – often in less than 24 hours.”

For more information, go to Flynn’s website at www.PowerandDesigns.com.

Print Date: 2/28/2020
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