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Moving Your Luxury Goods


Simply the thought of moving is headache inducing within itself and the addition of delicate antiques, paintings, fine wine and other luxury items can not only complicate the process, but prove disastrous with summer heat, improper packing, and excessive moisture.

In an effort to simplify this generally stress-filled process, the Flat Rate Moving & Storage team of seasoned professionals offer the following tips for how to package your beloved luxury possessions so that they arrive in one piece:  

  • Wine
    Many fine wines can get damaged from lack of proper temperature during a move:
    You need to evaluate the needed temperature and insure the wine is kept safe. For short distances, the wine should be delivered within 12 hours and safely packaged using custom Styrofoam wine crates to keep the wine at an appropriate temperature. For long distances, FlatRate suggests looking into using special climate-controlled trucks, featuring compartments of varying degrees.

  • Small musical instruments
    Instruments are extremely fragile and easily damaged:
    Fine instruments should be wrapped in unique paper-coated bubble wrap and blankets, and then placed in a custom padded wood crate. Depending on the age of the item, it should either be supported using cardboard and sturdy palates, or suspended within a special box to prevent damage by the sides.

  • Paintings
    Fine art may be timeless, but in the event of improper handling, can get smudged, cracked, or lose its finish:
    To protect the finish, glassine paper (a special air and water-resistant paper) should be used in the moving process. Then for proper protection, the painting should be packaged in bubble wrap and placed in a custom padded wood crate to protect from any mishandling.

  • Fine china/crystal
    In order to protect your valuables, package items separately:
    When transporting such fragile items, it is essential to wrap every item separately using bubble wrap and a special French paper. After doing so, it is best to place such items in either a custom padded wood crate or a sturdy two-ply cardboard box surrounded by Styrofoam balls.

  • High-end designer clothing in sealed bags and garment bags
    Extra attention should be paid to ensure that your garments don’t get wrinkled or creased:
    Each item should be placed in a garment bag and then secured into a Wardrobe box measuring 6-to-7 feet tall to allow the items to stay straight.

FlatRate Moving & Storage, based in New York City, is New York’s largest moving company .They also serve the cities of Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, D.C.

Print Date: 9/22/2020
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