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More Mortgage Modification Horror Stories

By Lew Sichelman, MarketWatch
Question: I have also made trial payments under the Making Home Affordable program. But my house truly was in foreclosure and I spoke with an attorney. Your advice in your last column is wrong. They can foreclose, they will foreclose, and they are foreclosing on thousands of people who have made their trial payments every month!

There is nothing written into this program that provides any penalty for lenders if they do not modify a loan. They very clearly state that you are not actually approved for the program, and stipulate that the magical approval (or denial) will happen at some unspecified future time.

My story is not unique. I was able to stop foreclosure (only days before the trustee sale) temporarily by filing a complaint with my state attorney general. However, I still have not received a permanent modification and my lender continues to claim paperwork that I have provided is missing.

The bottom line is that paying trial payments in anticipation of a modification does not guarantee anything and foreclosure is the most likely outcome.

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Print Date: 9/25/2020
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