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The President as Mortgage Broker

by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post

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I just lost another loan to Obama!

When last we heard from the salesman-in-chief, 10 days ago, he was pitching General Motors and Chrysler cars so aggressively that he did everything but offer to rotate every American's tires. Now, it seems, he's moonlighting for Lendingtree.com.

This morning's commercial was set in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, where the president was joined by happy homeowners. "Here's the good news," he announced. "Rates are as low as they've been since 1971."

As a result of such fabulous deals, he went on, "everybody here represents families who have saved hundreds of dollars a month, thousands of dollars a year in some cases -- and that's money directly in their pocket."

So how can you, sitting at home, join these satisfied customers? Easy.

"If you are having problems with your mortgage, and even if you're not and you just want to save some money," the president announced, "you can go to MakingHomeAffordable.gov -- MakingHomeAffordable.gov -- and the way the Web site is designed, you can plug in your information and immediately find out whether or not you are potentially eligible."

Sounds great! Can we have that website one more time, Mr. President? "Again, the web site is MakingHomeAffordable.gov -- is that right? MakingHomeAffordable.gov -- so get on the Web site, find out what's available."

Every salesman knows repetition is key to closing the sale, so the president repeated the website twice more, for a total of five times in his five-minute pitch. "So take advantage of MakingHomeAffordable.gov and that will allow you to figure out exactly how to proceed on this in a way that's making you money, saving you money, as opposed to costing you money."

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Print Date: 9/25/2020
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