Home Maintenance: $25 Fixes
One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is letting small problems turn into big ones. Proper home maintenance can alleviate the need for large and often costly repairs According to HouseMaster, the oldest and largest home inspection franchisor in the U.S., the following maintenance projects can typically be performed by a homeowner for less than $25 each but will save far more than that down the road.
Style Guide for the Sophisticated Kitchen
By Paolo Bertazzoni
The kitchen design business continues to be in rapid motion, with new appliances, furniture, and cabinetry hitting stores almost daily. But while these plentiful product and style options present a vast array of choices when it comes to design, even the savviest consumers may find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends.
Feng Shui Makeovers Make For Incredible Home Improvements
MaryAnn Russell
One of the most important decisions that you, a homebuyer or a home renovator, have to make is in the character of the living space and how it will affect your interaction with the environment.
A Door to the Pacific
Jacqueline Shannon
Portabello — the name of this lavish estate — means "beautiful door" in Italian, and Portabello opens new doors to grand-scale living and entertaining beyond that of a five-star resort.
An Entertainer's Wish Come True
Jacqueline Shannon
The renowned Ken Ronchetti was both the architect and the interior designer for this spectacular, seamless oceanfront estate in Del Mar, California.
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