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These 8 Indoor Plants Are Safe for Pets (and Will Spruce Up Your Space)

Ashley Tibbits

We adore our pets (as evidenced by the exorbitant amount of money we spend on them) and would do anything to keep them safe. Unfortunately for many of us, though, that involves keeping the greenery we covet out of our homes for fear of what could happen if our animal friends happened to chomp on a poisonous leaf or petal. But we're here to tell you that your cats and dogs can coexist with plants in your home—well, at least a selection of them.

There are plenty of indoor plants that are safe for pets to liven up your space while keeping your furry friends happy and healthy. While many of the magnificent plants we see on our favorite influencers' Instagram feeds are, sadly, toxic to pets (fiddle-leaf fig trees, for example), you can still make an impact with one of several nontoxic varieties. To make things super easy, we've picked out a few of our favorites for creating the indoor tropical paradise you've always dreamed of.

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Print Date: 3/31/2020
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